Vision, business concept and objectives

Hufvudstaden was founded in 1915 and rapidly became one of the leading property companies in Sweden. Today it is one of the country's strongest brands in the property sector. The brand is well known and represents high quality, good service and long-term thinking in the management and development of the company's commercial properties in prime business locations in Stockholm and Gothenburg.


Hufvudstaden will be consistently perceived as, and prove to be, the most interesting and vibrant property company in Sweden.

Business concept

Through its properties in central Stockholm and central Gothenburg, Hufvudstaden shall offer successful companies high-quality office and retailing premises in attractive marketplaces.

Operating objectives

Hufvudstaden will:

  • gradually increase profit from current operations.
  • have the most satisfied customers in the industry.
  • have the most developed property holdings in the industry.
  • have the most professional personnel in the industry, with firm commitment to the customer, good business acumen and professional know-how.

Financial objectives

  • Hufvudstaden shares shall have good dividend growth over time and the dividend shall account for more than half the net profit from current operations.
  • The equity ratio shall be at least 40 per cent over time.

Net profit and dividend share

Dividend growth